Seo agency Netherlands

looking to expand your business and tap into The Netherlands? We are proudly a Dutch seo company with an international scope. All the seo companies you will find in NL are to local minded and that’s how we distinguish ourselves. We  as a seo agency the Netherlands are specialized in assisting to launch your business on the Dutch market and make it work! For several clients we do the entire EU region as we know the local cultures and the way of doing business. The Netherlands has the 2nd fastest internet in EU and we are well-known for logistics. This is great for e-commerce! Let us explain a bit more how we can assist you Seo agency the netherlands

Introduction The Netherlands

Let’s start with some facts about this great country. The Netherlands is one of the well know countries in the EU! We love to travel and speak our languages. You might have heard about our DJ’s Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Armin van Buuren – our biggest export products! We are not just cute wind mills and Tulips – we proudly have more to offer! Ajax and Amsterdam? We have 17+ million people in the country and have 415 people living per km2.

Key facts The Netherlands

– High GDP 55K compared with 37K in EU average, yep we got money to spend.
– Yearly increase of 800.000 mobile users –> High potential for mobile
– Most people live in Amsterdam
– 94% of people use internet daily
– 20% CTR rate in push notifications
– We downloaded 538.1 million apps and have spent 412.3 million dollar on apps.

Dutch language seo services

Did you know that Dutch is even harder to learn then Chinese? Our language is extremely difficult to learn and even Dutchies normally don’t pass the grammar & spelling exams at school. We use several synonyms and especially for doing Dutch Keyword research it is hard if you just use google translate – good luck with that! Therefore, we always start with a Dutch keyword research to know what the online consumer is actually looking for and what the volume will be – yes we make data driven decisions. Based on this research we start to make or optimize LP’s (landingpages) for the NL market. It depends on the product / service you provide how we need to write Dutch. Obviously, it needs to be seo friendly to target the Dutchies.

Dutch marketplaces

We all know Amazon as a marketplace to sell your products. When going Dutch you also have the opportunity to sell your products on Dutch Marketplaces – we have one of the biggest in the EU, Bingo!! When making an online strategy for you we take into account all options we have in NL to increase sales. Also local payment gateways e.g. Sepa and Ideal is key to have integrated in your website. We assist you with all the steps by entering the Netherlands and hope to be your partner for the entire EU.seo service

Linkbuilding strategy the Netherlands

When the landingpages are built and the website is optimized we make use of outreach. This is a strategy what counts 50+% in Dutch seo rankings. We have our own inhouse linkbuilding backlinkpool with more then 1000+ links! We connect monthly with lots of bloggers etc. to have high quality links. Mr bureau is only doing white head seo and don’t see the point of being sneaky as we know it won’t help long-term. We use our linkbuilding tools and we update you monthly how we perform, always keep you updated!

Dutch SEO specialist

We are a Dutch seo agency as origin. However, we also have an office in Australia and tend to work more remotely instead to be stuck at an office. We travel all the time to visit our global clients who want to launch there online business in the EU.seo specialist
Sounds great but elaborate on your work please?

Online marketing example cases:, We proudly launched the company in the Netherlands for SEO and we are currently built the linkbuilding strategy. We are responsible for the SEA campaigns for entire EU. (increased CTR rates to 20+%) We are responsible to built the entire online strategy and increased online visibility with 200+% per year!

How do we operate as seo agency The Netherlands?

We start having an interview and understand your business and sector you operate in. We discuss your goals, why operate in Europe and the way you like to work with us. Mr seo bureau will make an analysis of your business, keyword research and we put an entire online strategy together. We make a short term and long term plans in order to work with a timeline. We have monthly evaluations and we are eager to visit your business to have the personal touch.

The owner of Mr seo bureau has 10+ years experience in building brands and companies. Started as an expat for Heineken, then being a brand manager of the famous Dutch Bitterballs. Then started with building companies; from selling wine brands to place students for internships on a global scale. We work with local freelancers who all have experience in building online strategies. We don’t have a fancy office, we don’t have lease cars, we want to be free and help YOU. Our hourly rate is definitely one of the most affordable seo services you can find! Low overhead costs is key;) Let’s schedule a FREE introduction session to discuss how we can assist you by entering the Netherlands.